Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lie upon Lie? with no apology

AG Blumenthal during his press conference,noted that he has been written up in many newspapers,and cannot be responsible for every word written ABOUT HIM.
I would be willing to give odds that the AG not only has a press office,but subscribes to a clipping service.Everytime his name is mentioned in an article etc., he is notified and gets a COPY.In all the years he has repeated his lie,and papers have written it as he uttered it,did he ever once say "hey..this is a mistake"?
The chutzpah of the man to not only lie,but when caught to have his conference at the VFW Hall,and NOT TO APOLOGIZE!
I am not a public figure in the same manner as the AG,but over the years including a few months ago found erroneous statements in the press about me.Some I did not read about but others informed me of them.I always called or wrote the paper-reporter with the facts as I saw them.Blumenthal never once did that.
He deserves what he will get,the excuses of the Liberals not withstanding.