Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jerusalem Day

I recall our first trip to Jerusalem while the city was still divided.As we got off the train from Tel Aviv.the barbed wire was right across the street.We were told not to look up,for there was a Joranian soldier who might take a shot at you.
Today of course as we celebrate the reunification of the city,there is no barbed wire ,and citizens and tourists of every religion can can walk safely.Only Jews however cannot walk the Temple Mount.
I also remember the PLO flag and encampment at Orient House,as they planned to once again divide the city.
We should not assume that a Jewish Capitol city will forever remain undivided unless we pay special attention to negate the forces that are at work daily in the WH,UN,European capitols and the progressive media.
As an aside ,while the European turmoil in Greece etc, and the political turmoil in England are not good for our IRA's etc,the one value is that these clowns will not have the desire-power to unite against Israel.