Thursday, May 06, 2010

I am back!

It was a wonderful 24 days that my wife and I spent inn Israel,China and Hong Kong.
Firstly I appreciate Elli's pitching in during my trip.
Since my internal clock is way off,what with a 12 hour difference in time,and a 16 hour flight,I got up after a few hours sleep, to write a few words, and try to start catching up with the world.There is only international CNN in China-HK hotels,and no real newspapers,so you have a distorted view of what news you do obtain.
One interesting point, is that when Sheila and I went to the Great Wall in Beijing 2 weeks ago,though it was drizzling when we left our hotel room,it was a snowstorm at the elevations of the Wall.
Our guide's first comment was " GLOBAL WARMING" with a big smile.Obviously Al Gore has had a major influence there!