Thursday, May 06, 2010

kosher in china-hong kong

23 years ago,we made our first visit to the Orient (aside from my year in Vietnam)Except for the synagogues in Tokyo and H.K., which offered meals,there was nothing.
Today,there are minyanim and restaurants in Thailand,China and H.K.(3 in H.K.)

There is one site that stands out,and that is the Sephardic Congregation-restaurant in Kowloon, H.K.
They have a minyan 3 times a day and after the morning services, serve a free breakfast.During the week,they have a meat retaurant which attracts businessmen from all over the world,primarily sephardic individuals from Panama,Mexico and Israel,as well ,as the U.S.

It is on shabbos that one sees a dramatic picture.Last Friday night, 300 men and a few women came to the orthodox services.Then they waited in the hall of this office/commercial building,and within minutes tables were set up and a formal meal served.
Not only was the food plentiful and varied ( 3 kinds of fish),but the amazing part is that NO reservations are required.Nor is there any charge for this or the lunch and shlosh seudoth on shabbat.Of course a donation is usual, and they do sell the aliyoth on shabbat to cover their annual $800,000 budget.
Rabbi Meoded has truly vitalized this community.Since many Rabbis and scholars pass by through H.K.,they are invited to speak or teach a class.
Just a note on the Chabad efforts in Shanghai and Beijing where a similar attempt is made to welcome Jewish travelers.