Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shock and awe

Before I go back to tidbits from our Israel trip, I must comment on 2 events.
MY DISGUST at seeing "disgraced" Gov. Elliot Spitzer hosting an MSNBC political discussion yesterday.Ok the liberal clowns they have on at nite(Obermann and Madow)they are amusing.
However there are plenty of former Govs(who could host a show) who did not cross state lines to have prostitutes set up for them without insulting at least those who believe in some sense of public morality.

My shock and dismay at the news that CT AG Richard Blumenthal lied about his Vietnam service.As a Vietnam veteran this is a total insult to all of us who served,and to the millions who served in other battles past and present.
When I walked in the Port Authority in uniform on the day I was discharged,(coming back 1 day earlier from Saigon) people looked at me like I was an enemy Martian,pushing and often sneering.Today of course all that is forgoten.However Blumenthal has tried to be a patriot and war veteran who sacrificed for his country to advance his career.It isn't only that he lies,but he can never feel the deep seated feelings that veterans have for those they saw die,wounded or ruined psychologically ,or share the negative feelings many Americans had for them DURING the war.
He can only concentrate on running for the next higher office,and pray that no one will expose his lie.In the interim he can see Vietnam war movies to stay in the mood.Sadly for him the truth is out.
He did not "misspeak" as WCBS radio said this morning.He is a pathologic liar who cannot be trusted.He should withdraw from his Senate contest and even from his current post.
This mornings WSJ in reporting on the surrender of Bernie Kerik to jail for "lying to federal officials regarding a background check" for higher office.
Isn't that what Blumenthal has done all along to the people of Ct. and indeed the US? Is that a federal offense? probably not.Even though to my recollection imitating a Medal of Honor awardee is!