Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fiorino-Sestak / more from Israel

The surge of Carla Fiorino in the Calif. Senate primary is a hopeful sign for Republicans.-as is the lead of whitman in the Gubernatorial race.
Her prime opponent former former Cong. Tom Campbell is no friend of Israel.
While Obama is going tonite for a Barbara Boxer fundraiser, she is in trouble in this anti-Obama/incumbent year.
In Pa. Joe Sestak has opened a can of worms in his accusation against the WH. We have to know,WHO? What? When?-otherwise there is potential for covering up a federal crime-even impeachable if the Pres. is involved.
Sestak too is not a friend of Israel,and we hope that Toomey will prevail.

Going back to the NSC head in Israel.
"we have lost (the West) with Iran.Sanctions are a "joke" and the primary focus of Iran is not Israel but the U.S.
Turkey is potentially the next Iran,as the military role is weakened.Note the Turkish threat over the flotilla sailing to break the Gaza sea blockade.
War in the ME is almost inevitable ,as it could be 1 year or 20 years.
Hamas and Hezbollah have been able to portay Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon and Gaza as victories.