Thursday, May 13, 2010


Just when I was feeing depressed over the apparent cave-in by Netanyahu over Jerusalem,I was able to perk up once I read todays left-wing Haaretz editorial.
Like the NY Times,when they attack something,most of the time you know thatyou agree with that which is being attacked.
Today the title was "Incitement Day in Jerusalem".In honor of Yom Yerushalayim, the paper attacks the right wing for celebrating in Arab neighborhoods.Then it goes after Bibi for going to Yeshivat Mercaz Harav,and mocks the students who sang "If I forget the O Jerusalem,let my right hand forget its cunning".Then Bibi had the nerve to say "we have never conceded Jerusalem"
Why go there asks Haaretz to a place that is against any division of the city?
Mayor Nir Barket,of Jerusalem follows with a promise that the freeze will not continue. And worst of all the Public Security Minister announces that illegal Arab housing will be razed in a few days.
But that is not the worst of it.It seems that the Education Minister has doubled the number of students to 400,000 who must visit Jerusalem this year.And sadly they point out they are taken to Jewish sites,such as the tunnels,Jewish Quarter Zion Gate,and "disputed" areas in Jerusalem where new Jewish housing will be built-ignoring the Arabs.
It is they say "the "clear stamp of religious nationalist indoctrination".
This is Bibi's real agena -they lament.
Thank you Haaretz for lifting my spirits!