Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A sinking feeling

It is hard not to feel a sinking feeling.
The oil spill is not only a danger to our shores,but we have the problems that we really don't know how to control it,and at the same time we need oil for our energy purposes,until we can get enough gas,coal,nuclear and wind.
Then there is the economy,the stock market,and the increasing defecit locally,nationally aand internationally.The Public Service Unions have destroyed governments.
To me California, NJ etc should declare bankruptcy, and have a judge order them to redo all of the wild pension ,retirement and health agreements that are the root cause of this mess.
In N.Korea and Iran we see the fruits of years of a foreign policy failure-Clinton,-Bush I and II and now Obama.The bad guys have learned that if you defy the world,there is much reward in store at the end of the day.
The left yells about the Tea-Party-I don't belong to what is not a party.However the anger and frustration that I feel at Pelosi and the Dems makes me anxious to vote the bums out.
Will the Reps be any better?It depends if they can stick to a "cut the govt-budget plan