Monday, May 10, 2010


when one looks at the entire record of Obama/Clinton toward Israel since they took office it is not a pretty picture.
Threats,public pressure, attempts to publicly embarress Bibi during his WH visits,and making more severe demands on Israel than even the PA desired.Of course they(the PA) immediately raised their demands.
The entire outreach to the Muslim world as in his Cairo speech,without speaking to the Israeli people signifies his bias.
Yes, he sends out emissaries trying to reassure the American Jewish community,he invites Eli Weisel to the WH for a meal, and has a Passover seder,all part of an attempt to defuse his gaffes.
The threat to initiate a master peace plan and to impose it,is of course a non-starter.The idea of "indirect": talks is likewise a formula with a built-in failure mechanism.If we can't sit at the same table and negotiate then how can we live next to each other in peace?
His referral to"EAST" Jerusalem building as "settlements" shows he has no inner feeling for Jewish identity or nationhood.
I could go on,however the point I wish to raise is how can any Zionist or Orthodox organization or leader "commend" the President for withdrawing his idea to impose an American plan? How about a commendation that he doesn't beat his wife?The Presidents goal is to force Bibi to revamp his Cabinet and get rid of his right-wingers.
Similarly the PM does not deserve any commendation for his weakness in dealing with Mitchell and Obama.EVEN IF actual construction on Ramat Shlomo was 2 years off,the PM has made it appear that he has conceded East Jerusalem.
American Orthodox organizations should stop sounding like an arm of the Jewish Democratic Coalition, and speak out, and lead in telling the President-"Stop the pressure" and to the PM "Hang tough"