Sunday, May 23, 2010

Iranian Sanctions / The 2 Congressional elections

The ability of the Russians to deliver the S-300 missile system to Iran under the proposed UN Sanctions resolution speaks to the inability of the US to deliver on its promise of tough sanctions.In addition the boarding of ships carrying suspected material can only be done with the permission of the country under whose flag the ship sails.In addition,the US has removed pending criminal cases against Russians in the US who were charged with violating the law by trading with Iran in prohibited material-all to secure Moscow's vote.
In the end a useless reolution that will push Israel cloer to a decision ,before the new Russian missiles are in place.Reportedly Iranians are in Russia practicing on the new equiptment.
Israel cannot allow Iran to proceed to build a nuclear weapon,and at the same time make it prohibitive to attack Iran at a later date.The new Russian rockets can destroy multiple incoming aircraft and Cruise missiles at a far distance from target.

During our Israel brief the head of the Israeli National Security Agency pointed out that the situation in Lebanon is worse than before the last war.A few months ago Obama stopped an Israeli attack on a CARAVAN OF LONG RANGE MISSILES FROM SYRIA (AND IRAN) INTO LEBANON.
Lebanon (hezbollah) also now has a credible anti-aircraft system.
Hezbollah today is very powerful in S. America,with its own TV station

I would suggest that the election of a Republican in yesterdays special Hawaii election is no more indicative of a bright Republican future than their loss in the Pa. race speaks to a brighter Democratic election cycle.
Each of the races has its own color.In Hawaii,the 2 Democratic candidates garnered more than 50% combined.This is a traditional Dem. seat,and had they united on 1 candidate would probably have won.
In Pa.,Murtha was a long-time incumbent, in a heavy Democratic district,and where the turnout was influenced by the Senate contest.The Dem. candidate ran as an anti-Obama person on Obamacare,taxes,etc.The Rep. candidate was outfoxed on this.However,when the new Congressman gets to Washington,and votes the Pelosi line,he will be in trouble.If he doesn't the Dems will not have gained anything.This race will not be repeated in other states,where the Dems for the most part have to run on the Obama/Reid/Pelosi record.