Monday, May 24, 2010

NY GOP / More from Israel

It is so hard to believe that NY State the home of Sen. Javits,Nelson Rockefeller,Pataki,Guiliani and Bloomberg,cannot put up credible candidates for Gov and 2 Senate seats.

When I hear Pres. Obama talk about "a new international order", I think of Mao, Stalin, the dictators of WW II era, etc.
Surely the concept of "American Exceptionialism" is foreign to this President.

GOING BACK TO OUR ISRAEL TRIP,the NSC head pointed out that Hezbollah is more dangerous and better organized than Bin Laden's troops.
He noted that Pres. Assad of Syria is controlled by Iran, and is "too young and weak."
In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood is part of global Jihad, and after Mubarek
(who is ailing)they could take over and that would be a threat.
I made an error in reporting that the Hamas man killed in Dubai came not 4-6 times a year, but 20 times per year for 8 years.
When asked about reports that certain Arab OPEC nations want to see Iran defeated,and would help China make up for lost oil,the answer was"They play double games" and will not get into any confrontation with Iran.