Monday, May 17, 2010

my report continued

Continuing on with notes from our Israel trip:
For 2 days our trip was devoted to Terrorism,under the sponsorship of Shurat Hadin.This organization fights terrorism through legal means.We had numerous talks and visits with anti-terrorism experts, including members of Shin Bet,the Mossad and an undercover agent who is an Arab and worked for intelligence.We also went to a trial of a Hamas General accused of ordering the death of Israelis.
I will try to put the information in bullet form.
When asked about the alleged Dubai Israeli operation,both the Shin Bet and the Arab yelled out spontaneously "bullshit"-Israelis do not send 26 agents to eliminate someone,when 2 or 3 will do.
Dubai is the logistics center for Hamas and Hezbollah.They create front programs there. The Hamas agent killed came to Dubai 6-8 times/yr to negotiate arms etc..always on a false passport.
Main goal of Hamas today is to kidnap an Israeli soldier.
For all intensive purposes there is no terrorism today in Israel-the wall/separation fence doing a good job.
General Dayton (US Army ) is the real commander of PLO-PA forces-being trained in Jordan
All orders to Hamas in Gaza originate in Iran and Syria.
The great danger in Gaza(to Hamas as well)is the growth of Islamic findamentalism.
Weapons in Gaza are not in responible hands.
Israelis are "happy" because they know that another war is coming in 2010-11 because of increased rocket power of Hezbollah/Hamas and Iran.
to be continued