Wednesday, November 07, 2012


This will be my blog swansong.
Firstly I have to admit that I was way off in my analysis and predictions.
Secondly I realize I have been spending too much time watching Fox news, and following all the political blog.You can get a headache  from the background noise.In truth , what the public gets  especially from the media is no longer unbiased,or objective.
I always thought the purpose of papers like the NYT was to cover a story from all angles and allow the reader to make an informed decision.
When you see for example the lack of coverage of Benghazi, or the buildup of a cynical Christie-Obama hug into a Commander-in-Chief showing "BIPARTISANSHIP" you realize that you have a right to be cynical.
The media being "left" from the start , could not in any way contribute to a thorough examination of Obama.They loved the story of our first black President, and did not want to see him defeated.Any criticism was labeled "racist", even though he was the same black man when he ran 4 years ago..
2- This is a new America-single women who don't need a husband to conceive ,an influx of Hispanics,and a black population where 75%  births are illegitimate.
True the blacks have pride in a black President.However , they are worse off economically ,but refuse to see the fact.
3-The role of public service unions are a corrupting influence,since they bare bankrupting cities and states.
4=We have become a society of people who demand and expect anything and everything from govt.-food stamps- birth to burial benefits.However, the piggy bank is almost broke, and unless we face it,there will be riots in the street as we can no longer afford to become another Greece.
5-The talking heads on TV especially Fox misread the voter turnout on many counts-IE.-total voters ,the enthusiasm of young people, Hispanics and blacks and the anticipated turnout of the coal country as well as the evangelicals-who probably could not support a Mormon.

The Republican Party will have to figure out how to not only meet the demographic changes, but get rid of the anti-abortion zealots,who cannot understand that even people who oppose abortion sympathize with rape victimsThe Akins comments poisoned the well for all Rep. Senate candidates
I believe that for myself, I have had enough of the daily dose of "GOTCHA" and for the time will retire from watching Hannity and Greta,as well as this blog.
I thank all those who have contacted me personally over the years to agree or disagree with me.If I can convince one of my sons to rake over I will.

Monday, November 05, 2012


I was in the dentist's  office today, and a young single woman about 20 started speaking Hebrew to me.She told me that despite her love of Israel, and the knowledge that Romney would be better for Israel, she was likely to vote for Obama.
She then repeated the litany of what policies Romney will  reverse from the women of America.
I cannot tolerate the scare tactics, lies and bitter negative attacks by the Chicago crowd,
T think the last remark by Obama regarding vote for "revenge" says it all.
Romney who looks more Presidential said vote for "love of country"

We will shortly see whether the main street media,and their pollsters have so hyped the numbers or not.
For example today CNN says the race us tied -based on a built-in advantage of 11 for Democrats.
Pew says it is 48-45 for Obama based on D+6
This is despite last Weeks Gallup poll that definitively said unlike 2008, today there are more Republicans inn the electorate, plus a large number if independents who favor Romney.
Thus we will see if Rove, Dick Morris ,George Will , Michael Barone and a few other who are predicting a Romney victory +/- a landslide, are on the ball or behind the 8ball.

Thursday, November 01, 2012


The statistics from Israel are interesting.
1-A large majority of Israelis favor Romney over Obama
2- There are 80,000 absentee ballots from Israel.
3-7500 come from the State of Florida, and 3500 from Penn
4--The latest figures show that 85% of Americans in Israel voted for.Romney and 15% for Obama

We tried again today to vote early at a different polling place.As in all Palm Beach County sites (14 in all) there was a 2 hour + wait.We have no choice but to wait for Tues.more sites and machines,
One neg is that the computers know who voted, and they stop the robocalls.Unfortunately shabbos the phone rings, and disturbs your sleep.

It is sad to see the long lines at the gas pumps.It is reminiscent of Jimmy Carter's  time.
Gas stations should have generators for such emergencies.

I have to laugh-Obama with his arms around Christie.-looking "presidential"  "bi-partisan"
my Prof. of Surgery taught me- 1 prune does not make a tzimmis".
Inspecting floods and saying "away with red tape" GIVE ME A BREAK~!