Thursday, November 01, 2012


The statistics from Israel are interesting.
1-A large majority of Israelis favor Romney over Obama
2- There are 80,000 absentee ballots from Israel.
3-7500 come from the State of Florida, and 3500 from Penn
4--The latest figures show that 85% of Americans in Israel voted for.Romney and 15% for Obama

We tried again today to vote early at a different polling place.As in all Palm Beach County sites (14 in all) there was a 2 hour + wait.We have no choice but to wait for Tues.more sites and machines,
One neg is that the computers know who voted, and they stop the robocalls.Unfortunately shabbos the phone rings, and disturbs your sleep.

It is sad to see the long lines at the gas pumps.It is reminiscent of Jimmy Carter's  time.
Gas stations should have generators for such emergencies.

I have to laugh-Obama with his arms around Christie.-looking "presidential"  "bi-partisan"
my Prof. of Surgery taught me- 1 prune does not make a tzimmis".
Inspecting floods and saying "away with red tape" GIVE ME A BREAK~!