Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I can follow US political intrigue with relative ease.When it comes to Israel, everyday is a new mental exercise with potential political groupings you  would never think of.Today Communication Minister Moshe Kahlon who promised Bibi a few days ago that he would remain in Likud
may be having a change of heart,
It seems he commissioned a poll to see the results if he started his own party with or without Labor.I assume a left-center party . What he believes in is not clear to me ,except the relative roles of the sephardic community vs the Russians.
With Bibi in Paris, he challenged the French President Hollande, to sponsor an Israeli-Palestinian peace conference with  NO PRECONDITIONS----FAT CHANCE ABBAS WILL ACCEPT

As we come down to the wire, political junkies like yours truly can get a headache fro the multitude of polls many of which are contradictory.
If you read Real Clear Politics, twice a day they choose about 12-20 news articles and op-ed from throughout the US to allow their followers to read or copy.
These days you can read on 1 line why the swing states are leaning to Obama.On the next line is an article why they are moving toward Romney.
Next Wed.(hopefully) we will have the ansers and the reasons ( early conclusions)  WHY!