Friday, October 12, 2012

Biden and his juvenile actions

While I await tonites debate,the polls remain interesting.
Gallup as a result of left wing pressure, now in the middle of our electoral cycle, is increasing the ratio of cell phones.and reducing the number of whites in their tallies==ADVANTAGE OBAMA

Suffolk has stopped polling in Fla,Va and S.Carolina since they feel confident Romney will win these.
Tonites latest Tampa STATEWIDE POLL  ROMNEY-51   OBAMA- 44
Even California which will vote Dem, saw a 12 point drop for O and increase for R.

The Real Clear Politics Electoral College has narrowed, and a number of Obama States are now tossups. 

I was so upset with Biden's behavior last nite, that I forgot to finish the blog.
I thought Ryan should have concluded by saying " I am saddened that VP Biden saw fit to ridicule me, by his juvenile actions .He owes an apology to the American people who take these debates seriously."