Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Sheila and I wanted to go to vote early.When we came to the polling place, the line was around the building.We were told it was a 2 hour plus wait.
We decided to try again another time at another place.Our neighbor yesterday went to 2 places and left because of the wait .This morning he went to a 3rd place and voted after 1 1/2 wait..
The Gallup poll says early voters are breaking for Romney,and that the number of Obama early voters is down 22 % from 4 years ago at this time.

After experts said that the storm has nothing to do with global warming, MSNBC is pushing that theory.What is important to realize that so  many of our bridges and tunnels are old and need repairs.
Some communities have power lines underground-that should be our goal,THE COST ?