Thursday, October 18, 2012


Yes a 7 point Gallup lead in likely voters-but before we celebrate-the  lead among registered voters is only 1 per cent.  Why the people who have an opinion but will not vote is a mystery to me.

Today early voting begins in S Carolina.

I did not realize it until,a few days  ago that the Jerusalem Post is really an Obama supporter-especially their headlines  and stories.

Watching Biden today makes me think of a clown, not a veep.

What a joke that Shas has brought Deri and Yishai together for the election.I have no problems with ex-convicts being given a second chance.However not as leaders of a national movement or party.Of course everyone is waiting for Olmert to announce!

The firing of anti-aircraft missiles in Gaza and the drone from Iran/Lebanon are ominous signs.In addition the firing of hand held stinger missiles in Syria all add to a difficult strategic  situation.
The US-Israel joint military exercises are just about getting underway.