Monday, October 29, 2012


The good news of the day is that Rasmussen who is the most accurate of the polls ,now calls Ohio for Romney by 2 points.Another national poll predicts a Romney victory,
Sadly the Obama team is getting desperate.The storm has knocked off their get-out the vote program.With some predicting power outages of greater than a week,there is always a tendency for angry , frustrated and tired citizens to take it out on the incumbent.
Over the last 3 years , I have read quite a number of books on Obama-however I just  finished reading THE AMATEUR by Edward Klein.It is truly an indictment of Obama as an amateur in the WH, totally incompetent and lost-surrounded by Chicago yes-men.

The bad news of course is the storm.It is hard to hear the constant description  of a monster event when all our children and grand-children are up north in the eye of the storm.With the eye scheduled to make landfall within the hour, our prayers  are with them and the entire region.