Wednesday, October 03, 2012


It is debate day, and the polls are tightening.  STAY TUNED!
It is very hard for me to comprehend how with such terrible economic news on jobs,deficit ,credit ratings, national debt , trade etc that an incumbent President would even be a serious contender.
Romney thought the election would be a referendum on Obama.However, Obama made it a referendum on Romney.
Mitt has not answered Clinton's charge-No one could have done better---or that it is all Bush's fault.
We don't hear about 2 years of an iron-clad Dem majority in the Congress, the huge  stimulus which went toward union and so on.

It  appears that the recent sabotage at Fordo  in Iran has gained Bibi about 6 months time  before an attack is mandatory.
In the meantime elections on Feb 13 or thereabouts is in the works.
Since Barak has no party,unless Bibi appoints him again as Defense Min., he would be ineligible to serve.Evidently Bibiu has not guaranteed him a slot in the next Cabinet, and that is the basis for the bitterness between the two.Members of Likud are not happy with Ehud.