Wednesday, October 10, 2012


It is encouraging to see the polls and their trend toward Romney.

The response  of the Obama team to the debate  is "Kerry"  "altitude"  and "Romney is a LIAR"  .
Sadly for them, the economic facts,including unemployment ,debt and so on are facts.
The "5 trillion dollar charge" is patently false.

If Biden brings up "LIAR" the proper answer should be that coming from an admitted plagiarizer    who had to withdraw his Presidential candidacy for that reason and , that is a joke.

When I ran for President of the Student Council in H.S.. if an issue like "BIG BIRD" came up, we would laugh and use it.
That the President uses this argument  to make fun of Romney  in a Presidential race where major issues are at stake, is ludicrous.
The US  Govt. gives  444 million dollars to Public Television. The President of NPR makes a one million dollar salary.They have a few hundred million in the bank.
These programs can be supported by the public and corporations, like operas etc.
Romney used this as an example of what can be cut.
It shows that Obama has no idea of how to cut programs.