Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Congresspeople /The Spirit of Annapolis /Sarkozy

I had the pleasure last nite in attending an event for Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida.She occupies the seat that Peter Deutch held,before he ran for the Senate.She is a very dynamic individual,and a rising star in the Congress.She has been quite vocal on the issues that affect the US-Israel relationship.
She brought along five colleagues,Congressmen Melissa Bean(IL),John Barr(GA),Kirsten Gillbrand(NY),Heath Shuler(NC) and Jason Altmire(PA).They are all young, and either have been to Israel, or planning on going.
HUVPAC is proud to be able to support all of their campaigns.

Arut Sheva reports this morning, that in the spirit of Anapolis, PA television has removed the map of Israel,and replaced it with PALESTINE.In addition, no Foreign Minister from any Arab country except Jordan, shook the hand of Israeli FM Livni.

So far two good quotes from Olmert:
Israel is a JEWISH STATE:
The Temple Mount is eternally Jewish:


The attack on the "Jewish Lobby" in the US ,was met with great success in England, as Mearsheimer and Walt recently completed a book tour.Now,the cry has been picked up by the Algerians,who in preperation for a State visit,announced that President Sarkozy was elected due to the (French) Israeli Lobby.
It is amazing how much damage we Jews can accomplish!Can you imagine if we had a billion plus Jews in the world (like the Muslims) how much more we could control(-or perhaps how many more Nobel prizes we could garner?)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

An unfortunate meeting

It is unbelievable that a secret meeting took place in Israel recently between American Ambassador Jones and the Chief Juastice of the Israeli Supreme Court.They allegedly discussed settlements,the fence and other such issues.
It is the height of Chutzpah for the US Ambassador to intervene in the Judicial system of Israel.
One of the major areas in Israel that needs an overhauling is the activist role of the Supreme Court,as initiated by former Justice Barak,and now carried out by his successor, Justice Beinish.
Hopefully, she will recuse herself when these issues come up.



During all my years as Pres of the OU., Ntl Executive V.P. of Mizrachi, and a member if the Governing Board of the Jewish Agency, I have met and interacted with many Prime Ministers,Presidents of Israel ,and the current PM before he held this position.
Without exception ,they told us as a group, and to me individually-"Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish People".No individual, even if he basks temporarily in the limelight of the White House has the power to give it away,divide it or restore an enemy within its bounds.
The PM is out of bounds,when he attacks American Jewish groups.We have been the most devout supporters of the Medinah,through thick and thin.His attack shows that he is feeling the pressure.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


In 628 A.D., the Prophet Muhammed endorsed the treaty with the Makkans, which became known as the Hudaybiya Treaty.It is Muslim religious doctrine until today.
It basically says, that Muslims may make peace treaties with their enemies if it serves Muslim interests.However,it will only be for a temporary period.
Thus any treaty with the Arab world,should be looked upon as a phase or step toward the elimination of the Jewish State,when the strategic moment is ripe for Muslim victory.
In May 2003,when the Road Map was raised,the Israeli Government raised 14 objections.PM Sharon assured the Cabinet,that the Government would be obligated to live up to ,and fight for these 14 points.
Alas,they are nowhere in the public arena, and have been pushed aside.
The President's letter of June 24 ,2003, reassuring Israel,on large settlement blocs,and Palestinian "refugees" again is nowhere being emphasized.
We hear nothing regarding Jewish refugees from Arab countries,who left under duress penniless to settle in Israel.(Greater in number than Arabs who left Israel)
To this moment Syria seeks hegemony over Lebanon.It does not recognize a border with Lebanon,nor does it have diplomatic relations with Beirut.It does murder their leaders,and gets away with it.They do supply Hezbollah,and terrorist elements in Iraq.
Every month 300+ rockets fly into Israel from Gaza.I guess it would be a boon to the rocketeers,if they took over parts of E. Jerusalem,so they can aim directly at the Knesset and perhaps B-G airport.
Daily tunnels are built to smuggle arms into Israel
Incitement against Israel by the PA in their textbooks and TV have not abated one iota.
Not a single serious attempt has been made to disarm terror groups.To the contrary,Hamas could potentially take over in the W. Bank ,as they did in Gaza.
The list goes on.Yes the world should unite against Iran,but not on Israel's back.
This conference is Israel sorrounded by a hostile world-pushed by Pres Bush,and Condi Rice.The latter especially,seeks to pull a miracle out of this event,and save her reputation.Israel must be strong,and Shas and Lieberman must be prepared to bring the Government down the minute Olmert start giving away the jewels of Jerusalem,and the sanctity of the State.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Praising Aipac as I did a few days ago,does not mean they are perfect.Their support for aid to the PA,and lack of opposition to the laser guided bombs to the Saudis is the wrong position.
The problem is, that the Israelis have signed off on these with the President.An organization like Aipac with so many contituent bodies cannot be " holier than the Pope".
This in no way excuses the PM , who despite the opposition of Shin Bet, agreed to a prisoner release,the transfer of armored vehicles to the PA, rifle transfers in addition to a million or so rounds of ammunition.
How many of those rounds will be aimed at a Jewish heart?
The blood of any Jew wounded or killed by any of these weapons, will surely have to be answered for, in the Beit Din of the shamayim (hererafter), by those who chose to ignore the advice of their security experts.
Not a single obligation has been met in stage I of the road-map by the PA!
None of the 14 objections of the Israeli Cabinet raised at the time of the road map's publication , is on the table.Totally forgotten.
I stood on the White House lawn when Rabin and Arafat shook hands, and cried hoping and praying that perhaps there could be peace.
I will not be fooled again.
Thia time I pray for failure at Annapolis, and a quick dissolution of this government.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wolf Blitzer /Spanish Fl /No Defense bill / JCRC

I was unhappy with Wolf Blitzer's handling of last weeks Democratic debate.
Firstly,he should not have allowed clapping or booing.It is simply not fair,since Hillary had the most supporters,and it takes away time from substative discussions.
Secondly, I think the questions asked Hillary were soft-balls.They did not question her about her White House papers,currently under seal.Nor, did they ask her about Sandy Bergers role in the campaign.

My wife and I went today to the largest indoor flea market in West Palm Beach.They have 250 vendors.
The problem:
Not one word or sign in English.
Perhaps 2 or 3 non -hispanic customers out of hundreds.
Every single CD ot DVD at 5 booths in Spanish.
How many are legal?
But even if they all are,I thought we were in America!
Oh yes-the full page ad in todays Palm Beach Post advertising the event was all in English.

The failure of the Congress to pass a Defense bill is quite unbelievable.If the Pentagon has to lay off personell,they should aim primarily for the States whose Senators opposed the bill.

If Congress cannot overide the SCHIP veto again,then they may be tempted to pass a four or six month extension. The President should veto that as well, until a proper passage is assured.

We went last week to a JCRC sponsored event in Boca Raton.The topic was how to prevent a nuclear IranThe two speakers were James Woolsey,former Director of the CIA, and Ofer Bavly
the new Israeli Consul-General for S. Florida.They were both excellent-however I will write about that issue in a few days.
The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) has never been high on my list of important or worthwhile organizations.They are a debating society for wealthy fund-raisers,mostly liberal.They pass resolutions as they try to solve Jewish problems.
In all my years lobbying Congress and the White House,I never was asked-not even once What does the JCRC think?They are amateurs in political action.Thus when I was OU President,I only attended one National CRC meeting,because these geniuses wanted to pass a resolution that would ban PAC's.They knew nothing about how Pro-Israel PAC's work,or their importance..
Thus at this meeting,they handed out a sheet to those assembled "to take Action."
1 Stay informed
2 Educate others
3 Contact your elected officials
4 divestment
5 write letters to local editors
Yes these are all important but not a home run
In my opinion, the two most important steps would be
A. to join AIPAC. which is the only registered lobby in Washinton that supports the US-Israel relationship.They and they alone,through their lobbyists stay in contact with Congress and the Administration on a daily basis.
B. Join and contribute to the local Pro-Israel PAC.There is a wonderful one in Fort Lauderdale.
They contribute the maximum legal amount to candidates from across the US.(remember the 435 members of Congress and 100 Senators do not come from your local area) When many of these people go up North for the summer,there are pro-Israel PAC's throughout the country.

An ancillary step would be to adopt a member of Congress,(not from your local area)and raise funds for him/her,as you develop a warm close personal relationshipwith them.(perhaps even accompanying them to Israel)
Politics is a contact sport.The typical JCRC have not mastered the game!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Obama and foreign policy /Jerusalem /Olmert

In a passionate speech to the Iowa Democratic Party,Sen. Obama attacked Sen. Clinton for voting on foreign policy issues like a Bush Republican.He was referring to the Iraq war, and the resolution on the Iranian Guards.
What we don't hear, is the need for a bi-partisan foreign policy when our country is at war.The post WW II Congresses, saw both parties unite to fight the Cold War.We hear nothing from Obama regarding how he would solve the AfghanistanWar,or what would happen the day after he withdraws troops from Iraq.What will he do, if after he meets the Iranian leadership,if they still call for Israel's destruction,and prepare to arm their nuclear weapons?
As PM Brown in England prepares new counter-terrorism measures in schools,markets,theatres etc,we hear not a word from Obama regarding Islamo-fascism.
Incidentally, I was dismayed to see Obama stand with his hands folded during the National Antrhem,as Hillary and Gov.Richardson have their right hands on their hearts.
Ignorance of the law is no excuse-he is running for President-where his heart is on security and military issues is not clear=and I don't want him to be our Commander-in-Chief.

Thumbs up to the Knesset for passing a bill by Gideon Sa'ar of Likud by a wide majority.It would require a majority of 80 knesset votes before there can be any concessions on territorial or jursdictional areas in Jerusalem.
It will reqiuire a few more Knesset votes for it to become law.Although the PM is against it,every effort should be made to pass this as soon as possible.


PM Olmert again refers to painful concessions Israel must make for peace.Fine!
But even an optimist wearing rose-colored glasses must see that with 300 rockets/month coming into Israel, smuggling tunnels found on a daily basis,massive riots and mayhem in Gaza and the inability of the PA to disarm Hamas in thw West Bank,this is not an opportune time to make concessions.Where are the Israeli captives?How dare Olmert release 400 or even 40 prisoners,without Shalits release?
He is grasping at straws with one and a half eyes on the prosecuters,and half an eye on the polls,that say the people want him to resign.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

"Backward" Fifty

A number of years ago,while serving as OU President,I was chosen By the Forward as number two of their annual 50 most prominent -influential Jews in the U.S.Of course I was honored,not only to be chosen,but to be included in such a group of prominent Jews.
At that time,I had given up my surgical practice, and was working full time for the klal,in what heretofore had been a part time voluntary leadership position.
Some of the group were controversial,but even if you did not approve of their politics or religious outlook,they were deserving of prominence.
To my knowledge, no Jewish swindlers,sex deviants or murderers were included,even if they had received publicity for their shameful acts.
With the change in the ownership and editorial leadership of the Forward,the list has become more avant garde'.Some years I question who are these people? and why are some prominent former list members absent? Where is YU President Richard Joel who is opening new vistas in Orthodox life?Why is Malcolm Hoenlein not at least paired with June Walker? The people chosen now,are not part of community life as in the past.
The same questions come to me this year.However,the Forward has hit a new low,by including Shalom Auslander on the list.I have previously had 2 blogs on him.He is a man who is ashamed of his heritage,and who seeks to embarrass his family and traditional Judaism.
He is a "Lehachis" meaning spiteful.He acknowledges his status by wearing a pendulum with the word"Acher" a well known apostate(whose real name was Elisha Ben Abuya) who was in a way
excommunicated from the community.
Infamy,and chutzpah do not make one a great Jew,even if he writes well,has a great PR person,and is loved by the NYT.
The Forward does our community an injustice.But then again it goes along with the outrageous
stories and features that they cover,and give prominence to on a weekly basis.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ramon on a referendum /Hillary and drivers licenses

It is difficult to understand the statement of Haim Ramon regarding the Annapolis meeting.He said,that if some agreement is reached,and the government falls,then the deal would be put up for a referendum?
If the govt. falls because of its position, what is the purpose of a referendum? where do they get the chutzpah to do it?
Surely the new elections will serve as a true voter referendum.If kadimah wins,then they can proceed with their agreement with a new majority in Knesset.If the opposition wins,then the agreement should go in the garbage.
Oh yes-congratulations to Minister Ramon on being nominated as among the top three corrupt politicians in Israel.(Olmert -bless his soul is numero uno)


The attacks by Democrats ,the Press and of course the Republicans on Hillary,after her last poor debate showing, is getting her unnerved.
Instead of blaming her staff for not preparing her for an obvious question,and blaming herself for not developing a cogent position on the driver license issue,she ,and now Bill have slashed out at her critics.In her heart of hearts she knows she answered that way, to avoid insulting different constituencies.
As a Vietnam veteran I supported the Swift Boat attacks on Kerry.They portrayed a less than honest presentation by Sen Kerry's of his service, writings and testimony on Vietnam issues.The attacks on Tim Russert and the other candidates are no"swiftboating" attacks.At a debate,the public is entitled to hear a candidates opinion.When the leading candidate gets messed up because she waffles back and forth,it is not sexist nor gang banging, but real politics.If the shoe were on the other foot,Hillary would not hesitate one second to attack.Now with Bill answering,the obvious question is,can Hillary take it ,as well as she can give it?

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Rabbis to Wash. /Unsubstantiated numbers /Dollars from lobbyists

The news that the two Chief Rabbis are in the U.S to meet with Condi Rice on the issue of the Holy sites in Jerusalem could be good news.Although they do not have the polish or the eloquence in English speech as we as see in former Chief Rabbi Lau, they will be accompanied by Haifa Chief Rabbi Shaar Yishuv Cohen,a hawk on the issue of the Temple Mount.In addition,an old friend Oded Weiner ,now the administrator of the Chief Rabbinate is on the mission.He has been a long time official of World Mizrachi,and a sharp political analyst.
Hopefully they will impress upon Rice, that there can be no give-aways when it comes to the holiness of the Temple Mount and Kotel.

The NYT on Fri. did a nice hatchet job on "ultra-orthodox" Jews in Israel.Writing on page 1,they describe the community as being " at least 800,00" strong".I am no fan of the Charedi community,however in their wildest dreams they do not come anywhere near that number.I wish I had the exact figures,but the few charerdi areas,could not equeal those numbers.The author notes that 60% do not have a regular job.
It would be nice for the NYT,to identify the source of such a demographic statement.
I still don't understand the difference that Sen. John Edwards is trying to make between accepting campaign contributions from lobbyists(Clinton), and accepting them from the people who hire the lobbyists (him).

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Orient House Again

I remember so clearly sitting at a dinner at the Renaissance Hotela number of years ago, next to then Mayor Ehud Olmert.He was then a member of Likud.The discussion centered upon the closure of Orient House should Likud take national power.Olmert was quite strong in his belief that there could not be a PA presense iun Jerusalem.
The next day, with the Deputy Mayor as guide,he drove me to see Orient House,with its Palestinian flag, and Palestinian security,not only around the building but for many blocks away.The plain clothes PA police were patrolling.We next went to see one social service PA organization after another,that Yasir Arafat had set up in Jerusalem.
All that is now gone.However,the PA not only want it back,but have allegedly uncovered an old Peres note that says they are entitled to it.
If Jerusalem is divided,then it is back to these horrible sites.
Hopefully,we will not have to face these divisive issues, because the parties are weak,far apart on the basic problems ,and have no poular backing for any types of compromises.