Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ramon on a referendum /Hillary and drivers licenses

It is difficult to understand the statement of Haim Ramon regarding the Annapolis meeting.He said,that if some agreement is reached,and the government falls,then the deal would be put up for a referendum?
If the govt. falls because of its position, what is the purpose of a referendum? where do they get the chutzpah to do it?
Surely the new elections will serve as a true voter referendum.If kadimah wins,then they can proceed with their agreement with a new majority in Knesset.If the opposition wins,then the agreement should go in the garbage.
Oh yes-congratulations to Minister Ramon on being nominated as among the top three corrupt politicians in Israel.(Olmert -bless his soul is numero uno)


The attacks by Democrats ,the Press and of course the Republicans on Hillary,after her last poor debate showing, is getting her unnerved.
Instead of blaming her staff for not preparing her for an obvious question,and blaming herself for not developing a cogent position on the driver license issue,she ,and now Bill have slashed out at her critics.In her heart of hearts she knows she answered that way, to avoid insulting different constituencies.
As a Vietnam veteran I supported the Swift Boat attacks on Kerry.They portrayed a less than honest presentation by Sen Kerry's of his service, writings and testimony on Vietnam issues.The attacks on Tim Russert and the other candidates are no"swiftboating" attacks.At a debate,the public is entitled to hear a candidates opinion.When the leading candidate gets messed up because she waffles back and forth,it is not sexist nor gang banging, but real politics.If the shoe were on the other foot,Hillary would not hesitate one second to attack.Now with Bill answering,the obvious question is,can Hillary take it ,as well as she can give it?