Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Obama and foreign policy /Jerusalem /Olmert

In a passionate speech to the Iowa Democratic Party,Sen. Obama attacked Sen. Clinton for voting on foreign policy issues like a Bush Republican.He was referring to the Iraq war, and the resolution on the Iranian Guards.
What we don't hear, is the need for a bi-partisan foreign policy when our country is at war.The post WW II Congresses, saw both parties unite to fight the Cold War.We hear nothing from Obama regarding how he would solve the AfghanistanWar,or what would happen the day after he withdraws troops from Iraq.What will he do, if after he meets the Iranian leadership,if they still call for Israel's destruction,and prepare to arm their nuclear weapons?
As PM Brown in England prepares new counter-terrorism measures in schools,markets,theatres etc,we hear not a word from Obama regarding Islamo-fascism.
Incidentally, I was dismayed to see Obama stand with his hands folded during the National Antrhem,as Hillary and Gov.Richardson have their right hands on their hearts.
Ignorance of the law is no excuse-he is running for President-where his heart is on security and military issues is not clear=and I don't want him to be our Commander-in-Chief.

Thumbs up to the Knesset for passing a bill by Gideon Sa'ar of Likud by a wide majority.It would require a majority of 80 knesset votes before there can be any concessions on territorial or jursdictional areas in Jerusalem.
It will reqiuire a few more Knesset votes for it to become law.Although the PM is against it,every effort should be made to pass this as soon as possible.


PM Olmert again refers to painful concessions Israel must make for peace.Fine!
But even an optimist wearing rose-colored glasses must see that with 300 rockets/month coming into Israel, smuggling tunnels found on a daily basis,massive riots and mayhem in Gaza and the inability of the PA to disarm Hamas in thw West Bank,this is not an opportune time to make concessions.Where are the Israeli captives?How dare Olmert release 400 or even 40 prisoners,without Shalits release?
He is grasping at straws with one and a half eyes on the prosecuters,and half an eye on the polls,that say the people want him to resign.