Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wolf Blitzer /Spanish Fl /No Defense bill / JCRC

I was unhappy with Wolf Blitzer's handling of last weeks Democratic debate.
Firstly,he should not have allowed clapping or booing.It is simply not fair,since Hillary had the most supporters,and it takes away time from substative discussions.
Secondly, I think the questions asked Hillary were soft-balls.They did not question her about her White House papers,currently under seal.Nor, did they ask her about Sandy Bergers role in the campaign.

My wife and I went today to the largest indoor flea market in West Palm Beach.They have 250 vendors.
The problem:
Not one word or sign in English.
Perhaps 2 or 3 non -hispanic customers out of hundreds.
Every single CD ot DVD at 5 booths in Spanish.
How many are legal?
But even if they all are,I thought we were in America!
Oh yes-the full page ad in todays Palm Beach Post advertising the event was all in English.

The failure of the Congress to pass a Defense bill is quite unbelievable.If the Pentagon has to lay off personell,they should aim primarily for the States whose Senators opposed the bill.

If Congress cannot overide the SCHIP veto again,then they may be tempted to pass a four or six month extension. The President should veto that as well, until a proper passage is assured.

We went last week to a JCRC sponsored event in Boca Raton.The topic was how to prevent a nuclear IranThe two speakers were James Woolsey,former Director of the CIA, and Ofer Bavly
the new Israeli Consul-General for S. Florida.They were both excellent-however I will write about that issue in a few days.
The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) has never been high on my list of important or worthwhile organizations.They are a debating society for wealthy fund-raisers,mostly liberal.They pass resolutions as they try to solve Jewish problems.
In all my years lobbying Congress and the White House,I never was asked-not even once What does the JCRC think?They are amateurs in political action.Thus when I was OU President,I only attended one National CRC meeting,because these geniuses wanted to pass a resolution that would ban PAC's.They knew nothing about how Pro-Israel PAC's work,or their importance..
Thus at this meeting,they handed out a sheet to those assembled "to take Action."
1 Stay informed
2 Educate others
3 Contact your elected officials
4 divestment
5 write letters to local editors
Yes these are all important but not a home run
In my opinion, the two most important steps would be
A. to join AIPAC. which is the only registered lobby in Washinton that supports the US-Israel relationship.They and they alone,through their lobbyists stay in contact with Congress and the Administration on a daily basis.
B. Join and contribute to the local Pro-Israel PAC.There is a wonderful one in Fort Lauderdale.
They contribute the maximum legal amount to candidates from across the US.(remember the 435 members of Congress and 100 Senators do not come from your local area) When many of these people go up North for the summer,there are pro-Israel PAC's throughout the country.

An ancillary step would be to adopt a member of Congress,(not from your local area)and raise funds for him/her,as you develop a warm close personal relationshipwith them.(perhaps even accompanying them to Israel)
Politics is a contact sport.The typical JCRC have not mastered the game!