Sunday, November 25, 2007


In 628 A.D., the Prophet Muhammed endorsed the treaty with the Makkans, which became known as the Hudaybiya Treaty.It is Muslim religious doctrine until today.
It basically says, that Muslims may make peace treaties with their enemies if it serves Muslim interests.However,it will only be for a temporary period.
Thus any treaty with the Arab world,should be looked upon as a phase or step toward the elimination of the Jewish State,when the strategic moment is ripe for Muslim victory.
In May 2003,when the Road Map was raised,the Israeli Government raised 14 objections.PM Sharon assured the Cabinet,that the Government would be obligated to live up to ,and fight for these 14 points.
Alas,they are nowhere in the public arena, and have been pushed aside.
The President's letter of June 24 ,2003, reassuring Israel,on large settlement blocs,and Palestinian "refugees" again is nowhere being emphasized.
We hear nothing regarding Jewish refugees from Arab countries,who left under duress penniless to settle in Israel.(Greater in number than Arabs who left Israel)
To this moment Syria seeks hegemony over Lebanon.It does not recognize a border with Lebanon,nor does it have diplomatic relations with Beirut.It does murder their leaders,and gets away with it.They do supply Hezbollah,and terrorist elements in Iraq.
Every month 300+ rockets fly into Israel from Gaza.I guess it would be a boon to the rocketeers,if they took over parts of E. Jerusalem,so they can aim directly at the Knesset and perhaps B-G airport.
Daily tunnels are built to smuggle arms into Israel
Incitement against Israel by the PA in their textbooks and TV have not abated one iota.
Not a single serious attempt has been made to disarm terror groups.To the contrary,Hamas could potentially take over in the W. Bank ,as they did in Gaza.
The list goes on.Yes the world should unite against Iran,but not on Israel's back.
This conference is Israel sorrounded by a hostile world-pushed by Pres Bush,and Condi Rice.The latter especially,seeks to pull a miracle out of this event,and save her reputation.Israel must be strong,and Shas and Lieberman must be prepared to bring the Government down the minute Olmert start giving away the jewels of Jerusalem,and the sanctity of the State.