Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Praising Aipac as I did a few days ago,does not mean they are perfect.Their support for aid to the PA,and lack of opposition to the laser guided bombs to the Saudis is the wrong position.
The problem is, that the Israelis have signed off on these with the President.An organization like Aipac with so many contituent bodies cannot be " holier than the Pope".
This in no way excuses the PM , who despite the opposition of Shin Bet, agreed to a prisoner release,the transfer of armored vehicles to the PA, rifle transfers in addition to a million or so rounds of ammunition.
How many of those rounds will be aimed at a Jewish heart?
The blood of any Jew wounded or killed by any of these weapons, will surely have to be answered for, in the Beit Din of the shamayim (hererafter), by those who chose to ignore the advice of their security experts.
Not a single obligation has been met in stage I of the road-map by the PA!
None of the 14 objections of the Israeli Cabinet raised at the time of the road map's publication , is on the table.Totally forgotten.
I stood on the White House lawn when Rabin and Arafat shook hands, and cried hoping and praying that perhaps there could be peace.
I will not be fooled again.
Thia time I pray for failure at Annapolis, and a quick dissolution of this government.