Thursday, November 01, 2007

Orient House Again

I remember so clearly sitting at a dinner at the Renaissance Hotela number of years ago, next to then Mayor Ehud Olmert.He was then a member of Likud.The discussion centered upon the closure of Orient House should Likud take national power.Olmert was quite strong in his belief that there could not be a PA presense iun Jerusalem.
The next day, with the Deputy Mayor as guide,he drove me to see Orient House,with its Palestinian flag, and Palestinian security,not only around the building but for many blocks away.The plain clothes PA police were patrolling.We next went to see one social service PA organization after another,that Yasir Arafat had set up in Jerusalem.
All that is now gone.However,the PA not only want it back,but have allegedly uncovered an old Peres note that says they are entitled to it.
If Jerusalem is divided,then it is back to these horrible sites.
Hopefully,we will not have to face these divisive issues, because the parties are weak,far apart on the basic problems ,and have no poular backing for any types of compromises.