Monday, October 29, 2007

Empathy for Gazans / A free MRI

It is amazing that no sooner did Israel announce some cutbacks in electricity and fuel for Gaza,that they rescinded the decree. The reason-to avoid a humanitarian crisis.Who says a
crisis will develop?-the U.N.
Where is the U.N. when over 300 rockets a month come into Israel from Gaza-disrupting lives and wounding innocents?
Where was the feeling of empathy for thousand of Israelis expelled from Gaza.without permanent homes,schools,jobs up until the present?
There was one benefit from the disengagement-it allowed Hamas to smuggle 112 tons of explosives into Gaza,and enable the rockets to come closer to Sderot etc.(according to Israeli intelligence)
Oh I forgot myself for a moment-that was our enemies who gained.
When I was early on in my group surgical practice,some businessmen came to us and offered that we install an SMA-12 machine into our office.The purpose-to make money!After all a busy four man surgical practice had lots of patients,who needed blood tests anyway.
Our answer was in the negative-we were doctors not businessmen!
Today with doctors advertising on TV etc,one sees a different standard.Yet,I always question in my mind the quality of those who need to advertise.
Thus today,I was shocked to hear on the radio an invitation for patients and families to come to NYU for a seminar on brain tumors.
Sound great-and educational.
I forgot to mention-each patient who attends is entitled to a free brain MRI.
Enough said!