Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Likud-NRP-Tour of the Temple Mount

I have just sent an e-mail to Bibi Netanyahu head of Likud ,and Zvulun Orlev the head of the NRP (National Religious Party), suggesting that they conduct a joint Likud-NRP tour of the Temple Mount.The purpose would be to highlight the fact that the Har Habayit,and Kotel are an intrinsic part of the Jewish past ,present and future.Such a move would make it impossible for Olmert to make the unprecedented concessions that he is likely to make on Jerusalem,Yehuda and Shomrom etc.
There is of course precedent for such a visit.Olmert's old boss Arik Sharon did exactly that.And if you say, that such a move will lead to cancellation of Annapolis,I would say..Great
If you will say that it will lead to violence,then I would answer, that this represents the violence that Fatah plans,should they not obtain 100% of their goals.
To this day,suicide bombers attempt infiltration,rockets fall on Israel,and we hear not a word of concessions or change of attitude by Abbas on "refugees,borders etc".
This is not the time for a Condi Rice meeting where the pressure will be all on Israel.