Friday, October 19, 2007

Trash /Pelosi-Reid

Throughout our history,we have always suffered not only from the hatred of Gentiles, but fromthe sectarian battles between Jewish factions.
As we walk the streets near our homes in Monsey,we note Hasidim-not all,but many especially young ones,walking by us on Shabbat,without the traditional "Good Shabbos".It is as though we did not exist.
Occasionally, the Israeli flag that flies near the American flag on our Synagogue has been torn down.
This past week,someone went to the trouble of copying a piece of our Synagogue stationary,on which there was an announcement of a special Shabbat program,featuring Rabbi J.J. Schacter.
They used a computer to print a headline in bold print ,under the schul name that read
They next spread the sheets around our lobby.
Sad,is the only word that I can think of!===============================================================
It is hard to find a more inept leadership pair than Pelosi/Reid.They have taken an electoral victory and basically thrown it to the wind-with petty vindictiveness and a lack of determination to legislate.The veto-overide loss of SChIPS,the Senate agreement on wiretapping,the failure to stop the President in Iraq,Move-on.Org,the attack on Rush Limbaugh,and so on has brought the Congressional ratings down.There is still time for them to pass budget bills,and work with the White House on acceptable legislation.
The American people,are not pleased,when the main agenda of the two Parties is "Gotcha".