Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gore-Nobel/Oscar winner

Congrats to V.P. Gore on joining Yassar Arafat and Jimmy Carter as Nobel Peace Prize recipient.
It is a long stretch of reasoning as to how one gets from global warming to war and peace,but I am sure that smarter people than me woulde be happy to present a cogent scenario.
A number of years ago,the V.P.,agreed to meet with a group of OU leaders in the Sheraton Hotel in NY.When he entered the room,he gave me a hug,and loudly pronounced "Mendy and I spent many evenings together exchanging war stories"
Of course,I had been a combat surgeon,and he a reporter for Stars and Stripes.However,we never spent any evenings together,and certainly never exchanged war stories.
Subsequently I noted a little blurb in a political column,that one of his aides told him that he must stop exxagerating( ie.I invented the Internet).
I believe ,as the Judge in England pointed out,the Gore global warming saga,represents those excesses,in degree of danger,and time lines.
Look for a starring role at the Dem. Ntl Convention.After all Carter and Arafat never recieved an Oscar!~