Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Justice Clarence Thomas

Yesterday, my sons and I attended a luncheon in honor of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.It was co-sponsored ny the Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation,and was attended by about 1300-1500 individuals.
We were extremely impressed by his intellect,common sense and humility.
The most poignant remark he made,was to the fact,that there are those who criticize him as a Black Man,who does not act or think in the stereotype that they expect of a "black man"That is, he said, a type of segregation that is unacceptable.
He pointed out that his late brother ,asked him how he should respond to those who criticize his decisions.He answered,"Ask them if they actually read the decision?"
Almost always they did not.
I started reading his autobiography today,and even in the first few pages was moved
to feel pride in this great country,where a Clarence Thomas,against all odds,can become a great Supreme Court Justice.