Monday, October 08, 2007

Veto! /Obama's lapel/ Jerusalem-why not give it away totally?

It is a shame that President Bush,in his entire Presidency vetoed only four bills.He allowed wild spending ,secret add-ons to the spending bills(earmarks),and reckless bipartisan efforts to break the financial decorum of our country.Had he been a true fiscal conservative, this so-called childrens health bill, would never have been passed in its current form.
Meant for the poor, as passed, it would give government funding to individuals with over $80,000 income.This would encourage such individuals to cancel their private insurance for the govt. -sponsored program.
His veto should stand-and he should be prepared to use it as needed,to encourage fiscal responsibility.


The flap over Senator Obama not wearing an American flag on his lapel is ridiculous.The lapel pin,is certainly no measure of a persons loyalty or feelings.This campaign is too long,and the pundits should stick to the issues,and not the frivolous(such as Rush's comments-"phoney soldiers vs the phoney") .
The battle for Jerusalem is on!
The Israeli Cabinet,is prepared to give away the Temple Mount.(Har Habayit) the holiest site of our people.
It is said that people get the government they deserve.And that is exactly on point.
We who live in America,have failed to make aliyah, and thus our cries mean much less than were we in Israel.In truth,our ZIONISM,was fine before a State was formed.Since 1948,we have been less than honest with ourselves.We are ready to fight,criticize,etc from the comforts of our homes in the US.
I know that many will point to their children,cash contributions, or their vacation homes as proof of their feelings.The late President Weitzman,once remarked to me,that if in the Six Day war period, as many Jews who attend dinners (in N Y) for Hebron and other historic sites under attack, would have made aliyah to these places,there would today be no question of ownership!(or a need for dinners).
The Israeli political parties have suffered from mediocrity and corruption,and the results are clear.
The Religious streams,have shared in this mediocrity-corruption,and have failed to educate the people even on a minimal basis as to our common traditions and heritage.
When the majority of Israeli youth have never visited Jerusalem,who can fault them for failing to react to a plan to divide the city.
All of the rhetoric of Olmert as Jerusalem Mayor,is not worth a shekel ,as he will stop at nothing to give in to Abbas.The latter,wisely ,asks- no insists on more and more, and he hopes he will be successful.
There are so many feelers out in the press,by Ramon,Lieberman ,and the Haaretz columnists,that if you combined all the ideas,Israel should follow the Iranian suggestion,and
move to Alaska.
One interesting sad omission-compensation for all the Jewish refugees from Arab countries,who outnumber "Arab Refugees".
Thankfully,there is a merciful G-d,who has a Master Plan,and we must have Bitachon (faith).Then again history has shown that the Arabs never miss an opportunity to screw themselves!