Monday, October 15, 2007

The end of Olmert?

Could it be that secondary to a confluence of events, we may be seeing the end of the Olmert Prime Ministership?
The Police at the insructions of the AG are starting a new (is it third or fourth)investigation into his dealings.
The Winograd Report,will (perhaps)be coming out.(If they wait any longer, it will be a historical novel,rather than a panel of inquiry).Will Olmert be named,with a suggestion to resign?
In any case,Ehud Barak,has told associates,that he is determined to take the Labor Party out of the coalition after the report.
New polls show a major Kadimah loss and Bibi gain if elections were to take place now.
Shas,is threatening to leave the coalition if political issues(Jerusalem) are on the Annapolis agenda.Avigdor Lieberman will not be far behind.
The PM was forced to replace Ramon as head of the negotiating team to be replaced by Livni,who is more cautious.
Condi Rice,back from a less than successful meeting with Putin,is trying to browbeat Olmert publicly-and there could be ( and should be)an Israeli public backlash.
Abbas and his team are raising the ante,and when they ask for the Wailing Wall(kotel),except for some left-left -left radicals,this is over everyones RED LINE. The rockets and mortars continue,and only good security prevents a major disaster.
Members of the knesset of all parties,are asking Olmert to suspend himself,(unlikely)while the investigations are on.
My question to the Rabbinic leaders of Shas-How can you stay in a Govt. that wishes to give away Har Habayit?(Temple Mount)
We shall watch and pray-as the Arabs hopefully walk away from this silly event.

Rudy Guliani has wisely come out against a 2-state solution,and Sen Sam Brownback has endorsed the Elon plan(basically-Jordan is Palestine-do away with UNRWA).
Hopefully this is a step in the right direction.