Sunday, October 28, 2007


About 37 years ago,we moved to Monsey in the town of Ramapo.The slogan of the town was "Keep Ramapo Green".Indeed,except for a stretch of route 59,and the "business district" of Monsey which were old and unappealing,Ramapo was indeed green.
A number of years ago ,things started to change.I do not follow local politics,nor do I even read the local newspaper.So I report to you what I see=period.
Throughout areas of Monsey,multiple dwelling homes are going up.Some of the older areas ,where these homes were built years ago, look like something from Europe(fiddler ?).There is dirt, garbage and suddenly Ramapo is not green anymore.
I have no honest idea regarding sewer or water needs.I do see,that our roads cannot handle this influx.I do know, that these homes are an eyesore.
There is an election coming up soon,and evidently some individuals are calling for a change in policy-a moratorium on building,while studies are performed.
The hasidic community believes that all these hundreds and perhaps thousands of posters on every corner and vacant space calling on citizens to stop "the building
and to preserve Ramapo" are anti-semitic in nature.They are called "Jew haters"and comparing the efforts to 1938 Germany.
I do not know the parties on either side of this political struggle.I do know it is a chilul hashem to create such an atmosphere of hate in this community.
When the town of Suffern tries to stop an unobtrusive building at Good Samaritan Hospital that has long been used as a Shabbos Venter for patients families,I feel it must be fought.
However,when the physical character of my neighborhood is threatened,with ugliness,potential loss of property value,and overcrowding ,my complaints are not because they are chasidim or "ultra-orthodox",but because it is wrong.