Sunday, November 04, 2007

Rabbis to Wash. /Unsubstantiated numbers /Dollars from lobbyists

The news that the two Chief Rabbis are in the U.S to meet with Condi Rice on the issue of the Holy sites in Jerusalem could be good news.Although they do not have the polish or the eloquence in English speech as we as see in former Chief Rabbi Lau, they will be accompanied by Haifa Chief Rabbi Shaar Yishuv Cohen,a hawk on the issue of the Temple Mount.In addition,an old friend Oded Weiner ,now the administrator of the Chief Rabbinate is on the mission.He has been a long time official of World Mizrachi,and a sharp political analyst.
Hopefully they will impress upon Rice, that there can be no give-aways when it comes to the holiness of the Temple Mount and Kotel.

The NYT on Fri. did a nice hatchet job on "ultra-orthodox" Jews in Israel.Writing on page 1,they describe the community as being " at least 800,00" strong".I am no fan of the Charedi community,however in their wildest dreams they do not come anywhere near that number.I wish I had the exact figures,but the few charerdi areas,could not equeal those numbers.The author notes that 60% do not have a regular job.
It would be nice for the NYT,to identify the source of such a demographic statement.
I still don't understand the difference that Sen. John Edwards is trying to make between accepting campaign contributions from lobbyists(Clinton), and accepting them from the people who hire the lobbyists (him).