Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Congresspeople /The Spirit of Annapolis /Sarkozy

I had the pleasure last nite in attending an event for Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida.She occupies the seat that Peter Deutch held,before he ran for the Senate.She is a very dynamic individual,and a rising star in the Congress.She has been quite vocal on the issues that affect the US-Israel relationship.
She brought along five colleagues,Congressmen Melissa Bean(IL),John Barr(GA),Kirsten Gillbrand(NY),Heath Shuler(NC) and Jason Altmire(PA).They are all young, and either have been to Israel, or planning on going.
HUVPAC is proud to be able to support all of their campaigns.

Arut Sheva reports this morning, that in the spirit of Anapolis, PA television has removed the map of Israel,and replaced it with PALESTINE.In addition, no Foreign Minister from any Arab country except Jordan, shook the hand of Israeli FM Livni.

So far two good quotes from Olmert:
Israel is a JEWISH STATE:
The Temple Mount is eternally Jewish:


The attack on the "Jewish Lobby" in the US ,was met with great success in England, as Mearsheimer and Walt recently completed a book tour.Now,the cry has been picked up by the Algerians,who in preperation for a State visit,announced that President Sarkozy was elected due to the (French) Israeli Lobby.
It is amazing how much damage we Jews can accomplish!Can you imagine if we had a billion plus Jews in the world (like the Muslims) how much more we could control(-or perhaps how many more Nobel prizes we could garner?)