Sunday, December 02, 2007

Saudis action / Religion in politics

During the recent Annapolis Conference,the Saudis held a press conference in an off -site hotel.Israeli reporters and TV attended.Howvever, as soon as the Saudis found out,they forcibly evicted them from the premises.

This goes along with their refusal to shake Israeli diplomats hands.

Anyone who believes anything changed is smoking funny stuff.

Of note the President twice mentioned Israel as a Jewish State.Abbas,as of yesterday IS STILL PUBLICLY ATTACKING THE NOTION.

The President and Olmert,twice mentioned "core issues"without enumerating.Obviously the threat of Shas hung over their heads.Condi Rice on the other hand,both in the beginning and the end of her talk mentioned Jerusalem,refugees etc,

There is no question that Rice , represents the Old State Dept. philosophy.The President is certainly a real friend of Israel,.


Gov. Huckabee, is a fine candidate,who uses his pastoral skills to good use.However,I get very nervous when I see someone running as a "CHRISTIAN".This was flashed on a recent Iowa Huckabee ad

I know full well that this is a Christian country,however these labels have no part in Presidential politics.

I know very little about Mormonism ,and await the Romney "Mormon Talk".Specifically,I would like to know about both Romney's and Huckabee.s feelings toward Jews,and Israel.

I would also like to know, if during his (Romney) status as a missionary of the Mormon Church,during which he had a 4D deferment, (while I served in Vietnam) he tried to convert Jews.