Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Huckabee / the Donors Conference

The more I see and read of Jim Huckabee, the less I like.Whether his record on pardons, taxes,the Bush foreign policy and his making Christianity the centrum of his campaign,I asm turned off..

Putting whipped cream on this mix, is his telling the NYT magazine section of his admiration for Tom Friedman.

I once sat next to Frieman on the Wash. shuttle,and I told him that I disagreed with just about everything he wrote.
Smart he is! His answer," I don't care if you disagree, as long as you read the column."

Just yesterday I read p 124 in the "Israel Lobby" by Mearsheimer and Walt.( I am preparing for my Pesach speaking at the Hochdorf hotel-I still call it the Granit)They quote an attack on Friedman in 1996 by Mort Klein of the ZOA,and then quote the late David Bar-Illan, then Communications Director for Bibi Netanyahu.Friedman,he wrote should not be given a platform by" any organization that purports to be Zionist."

In my mind nothing has changed-except my feelings toward Huckabee.


The Donors Conference has raised seven Billion dollars for the PA.
Just as in previous times,this is throwing good money after bad.The PA has recieved more money with less results than any other group.
Very often pledges from Arab countries never arrive.
One happy group will be the Swiss Banks,who will be able to add to , or open new accounts from the corruption and kickbacks.
I do not believe Congress should approve the 550 million pledged, until the PA meets their obligations to dimantle terror organizations.
A number of years ago, I testified before the House Foreign Affairs Comm., and urged them to place all approved MEPFA (middle East Peace Facilitation Act funds) into escrow until the PA and Arafat met their obligations.That should be the case now.
Abbas is Arafat in a well tailored suit.This nonsense about settlements being an impediment to peace is just grand-standing. He knows Har Homa will always be part of Israel.