Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Saudi arms / The NIE

The US decision to postpone the sale of military equiptment to Saudi Arabia is a welcome move.It comes about because over 200 members of Congress opposed the sale.It is a perfect example of the combined efforts of Jewish Organizations such as the OU, political activists and PACS, AIPAC and public opinion.

The bottom line is that the Saudis do not deserve to be rewarded.I just learned today, that the Israeli delegationto Annapolis was forced to use a different entrance than the Arabs.If anythung, the Saudis have been the instigators of anti-US and anti-Israel hatred in the ME.


Todays op-ed in the WSJ by Bret Stephens is a must.He documents how just days before the Cuban missile crisis, American intelligence publicly stated that the Soviets would never place nuclear missiles within Cuba.

As you look at the history of American intelligence in regard to nuclear technology,it is one failure after another.We missed the progress made by China on a number of occasions,as well as the efforts of Libya.We never appreciated the Pakistani role in the sale of nuclear technology.

Most people who seek to attack the President on the new NIE report, have not read it.What is unsaid, and not clear are the intentions of Iran. Why are they building long range rockets, if not for nuclear weapons.?Why are they spending so much money for this technology which they claim is for peaceul uses,when they have no need for it?

Iranian groups now claim,that in 2004, the factories were split up and they resumed work on a weapon.Nothing in this report negates this possibility,nor places an estimate on when (and if) Iran would resume the program.

For the time,Iran must be considered dangerous with an ability to shock the world.