Sunday, December 16, 2007

Jerusalem/ Steroids /OBAMA

The one and only private mini-conversation I ever had with Condeleeza Rice,occured while George Bush (43 ) was campaigning for his first term. At a meeting of AIPAC officers, Rice spoke about Bush's committment to a strong Israel.
I asked would he move the Emmbassy to Jerusalem,and if she said yes,why should I believe him?After-all , Clinton had said the same thing, and didn't keep his word.
She answered yes on both counts-yes he would move the embassy, and yes we could trust him.Immediately after the meeting, she sought me out,thanked me for asking the question,and reassured me, that when GWB makes a committment-he always keeps his word.Moreover,the very first week in office, he would lay the groundwork for such an event.
Thus it is sad that this week the President exercised the waiver, that allows him to put off the move for another six months.Thus the 1995 will of the Congress is subverted.
There is no reason ,why our Embassy should not be moved to W.Jerusalem,which under every plan, will always be Jewish.


The Democratic leadership in Congress have lost their bearings.We read about it from the pundits,However,I felt it up front on Friday.
A young freshman Congresswoman called me to thank me for HUVPAC's contribution.After thanking her for her support of the US-Israel relationship,I gently pointed out,that the country was not happy with gridlock,and the partisanship.She immediately laid the blame on her Senatorial colleagues.
It is time to stop trying to load up the budget with christmas presents,and complete the agenda,re AMT,defense. budget,anti-terrorism energy,and farm bills.


I have great respect and affection for Sen. Mitchell. IN 1982 or 4, after Judge Mitchell was appointed to the Senate,his polling numbers,in his bid for a full term, were low.Only the pro-Israel PAC,s stepped up to the plate and supported him.He later came to Monsey to thank us.
Thus, I know that as a former Judge and prosecuter he has much experience.
Nevertheless,his baseball investigation ,2 years in the making, leaves too many open questions.
How can we believe that the owners and Leagues were ignorant.?What is their punishment?
What should be done with baseball records and Hall of Fame.?
How do we make it up to ballplayers in the pre-steroid age ,who by natural talents made records that were surpassed?
And what about all the players, who refused to take drugs, and could not compete,and lost much money?
I believe that future contracts must have a clause that would allow owners to to sue players for back pay, if found that they used drugs, and a mechanism to fine owners, who do not police their teams.


I find it incomprehensible that Obama is doing so well.
Truly there are questions regarding his drug use.We are entitled to know the answere to Shaheen's questions.
In my mind there are questions re; how much of the Muslim faith is still within him?
SO FAR, WITH OR WITHOUT OPRAH,he is a 3 year Senate veteran with no ADMINISTRATIVE, EXECUTIVE or FOREIGN POLICY experience.He's cute,has a nice smile,is light on his feet, but what qualifies him to lead our nation?
Being Anti-Bush is not a policy or a vision.It is pure Chicago -style politics.