Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Some nutty environmentalists in Israel ,have started a campaign that would have each person light one candle less to cut down on CO2. Wait a minute ! Isn't that what the Hellenists tried?Water down the religion to be better secular citizens!.
Interestingly,no word on the environmental conference in Bali,where 10,000 movie stars, Al Gore and assorted beaurocrats are flyng on private jets for a UN conference.There is certainly plenty of space in NY or Washington for such a meeting.What a real waste of CO2 by these hypocrites.


The new intelligence report on Iran represents a great danger to our country.Already, the Dems are telling the Pres. to lower the WMD rhetoric.
Two points;
Some of the beaurocrats involved are very anti-Bush,and have a history of siding with the UN Commission that regulates nuclear activity, and is pro-Iran and anti-US.
The problem is not one of Iran having the bomb.If they had it it would be too late.It is their ability to produce one,or to supply technology to terrorists that must be prevented.
The report,in essence places greater responsibility on Israel to monitor and possibly respnd to the crisis..
Of note is Pres. Bush's Jan 10 visit to Israel.


I cannot believe Hillary using material from Obama's kindergarten's writing as something relevent.She is getting unhinged,and Bill is not helping.
One the one hand she says ,it is she who is running for Pres.,and on the other her partnership with Bill past and future will seal the EXPERIENCE ISSUE.
However his double talk on his lack of support from day one for Iraq,is not only in conflict with the facts,but is an embarressment.


To watch the Israeli political leadership talk,you can get sick.
Shas -no one mentioned Jerusalem,-so we can stay in the Govt.
Labor-we will quit when we think we can win the election-huh? and so on
The bottom line-the coalition is stable for the moment.