Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Lott-Bubba Mitchell / more rockets

It was sad to learn of the retirement of Sen.Trent Lott.I first met him when he was in Congress.Throughout his career,he was a staunch friend of the US-Israel relationship.
One of his closest friends in our community was Mayer "Bubba" Mitchell,of Mobile Ala.
When I started in Pro-Israel activism in 1982,Bubba was among a group of national leaders,who by example and gentle instruction ,were mentors for me.He was AIPAC President,and active in Jewish and communal activities not only in the South,where he made his home,but throughout the country.
Sadly Bubba passed away recently.His presence will be sorely missed by those who respected and admired this soft spoken Jewish leader.

What sane country in the world,( with the ability to respond)on a day that rockets hit an apartment complex, would announce it is not the time to respond?