Sunday, December 23, 2007


I learned something this weekend regarding earmarks.These "appropriations" by members of the Congress for their pet projects,I always assumed were written into the bills passed by both Houses.Thus we have a "bridge to nowhere" a cultural centers named for for members etc.It turns out there are thousands of these earmarks-perhaps 12,000 that were inserted into the bills.
It now appears, that these earmarks were never formally written into law,but inserted at the Committee level .Thus, technically they can be disregarded by the President and the various Departments.
This is exactly what the President should do!Yes Congress will be upset,but so what!
The first six Bush years were marked by both Republican Congressional and White House fiscal irresponsibility.This year, after the GOP defeat at the polls we see a new approach.
Voters will rerspond positively to this "virtual veto".


It appears Hamas wants a cease-fire.The military push by the IDF and the economic/political pressures they are feeling,are making them cry "uncle".The problem is,that they have no desire to stop terrorism,or the smuggling of weapons,or the training of suicide murderers.Nor do they recognize Israel,or any of the (irrelevant) agreements in the so called " peace- process".
The second they can catch their breath, come out of hiding and refurbish their troops, it will be back to the Kassams.
Olmert is correct in calling their pitiful offer a sham.