Wednesday, December 19, 2007

THE VATICAN, The 10th of Teveth

The Latin Patriarch in Israel,a Palestinian Michel Sabbeh, has attacked the concept of Israel as a "Jewish State".
It seems that in attacking the State which was created by UN resolutions as a "Jewish State",and recognized such by the non-Arab world, he seems to forget another "Religious State".
The State of Vatican City ,created in 1929,is ruled by the Bishop of Rome-the Pope.
It is the smallest State in the world.No one envies Roman Catholicism a central geographic area, that is the universal home to the Church.
Why cannot the Jewish people have one State in the world,promised to them in the Old Testament?
Then again, the creation, existance and growth of a Jewish State,has long been an irritant to Vatican theology,and periodically is manifest by attacks on the role of Jews in Jerusalem, and as seen above on Israel as a Jewish Homeland and State.The Latin Patriarch, has never been a friend.


Talking of religion, it was sad to hear today,that the biblical resting places
of Joshua,Calev and Nun have been defaced with feces,swastikas etc.Previously, despite Arafat's promise ,the tomb of Joseph was destroyed.Just as the PA tries to wipe out Temple history and architecture from the Temple Mount,so too is this act one that should be condemned.But acts against Jewish sites,rarely witnesses a world response.
We recall how the Jordanians,abused and destroyed Jewish cemetaries while they controlled part of the city.The Palestinians cannot be trusted.They have no feeling of respect for other religions.Yet, the world never speaks out.
It is not because I say so, but because their record of disgusting behavior proves it so.
Today in the Jewish calendar is the 10th day of Teveth ,a fast day commemorating the beginning of the encirclement of Jerusalem and subsequent destruction of the Temple.It is surely a proper time to take note and mourn.To mourn for how very little the world really cares about Jewish history and survival.
That is why, it is up to us to stand up, and respond when our heritage is denied