Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Bhutto Assasination

"It's the economy stupid!" is the cry from a not too distant Presidential race.And as America has grown somewhat complacent, the pundits have been saying that once again this will be the key issue-housing,bad debts, taxes, health care and so .
However, the Bhutto assasination, with all its ramifications, point out once again, that in this very dangerous world while the economy is important,our need to survive is numero uno.
Scan the world,and even superficially the scope of the potential problems are evident.

China, as it grows economically, it similarly expands militarily.When will it surpass the US ? and perhaps the developed world? Will they wait forever before attacking Taiwan?What about human rights?

N Korea- will they carry out their obligations under the agreements with the US-China-etc?Their history of compliance is poor.

Russia-is back testing nuclear missiles,and pushing the envelope as to their relations with the West.It is in Putin's interest to stir the pot in the Middle East,and keep energy prices high.In the meantime he supplies a defensive missile shield to Iran, in addition to nuclear fuel.

Iran-whether they stopped building a bomb or not,the fact is they are laying the groundwork for a nuclear bomb, and the missile power to deliver it against Israel etc

Hamas,Hezbollah,Syria, Cuba,Venezuela, and the list goes on-with Al Quada at the vey top.Let us not forget Iraq and Afghanistan,and terrorism in Algeria and nuclear weapons in Pakistan.

Thus,as we look at how the presidential Candidates reacted to todays news,I was reminded of my Student Council elections campaigns in High School. Everyone knew Bhutto, or saw her picture on TV.Everyone has either been to Pakistan ,or would love to go there! Everyone met or plans to meet Mushareff, and everyone (and only THEY) have the EXPERIENCE to lead in this post 9/11 era.
But as I look at all of them, and listen carefully, only one appears Presidential and has the experience -real experience to lead.That person is Sen. John McCain .Yes Rudy would be great on national security, but John has character , honesty and determination.He does not sway with the polls.He is a true American Hero!
By the way-the NYT story on Hillary's experience is a must read-Yes she has traveled-without security clearance, and yes people bounced ideas off of her.That is not the same as experience or leadership. Clinton,Obama and Edwards,do not have a solitary achievement to brag about in their respective Senate careers.
I do not agree with many issues that McCain has fought for,including immigration and the torture issue, but then again I do not believe that there is ANY CANDIDATE who I am in synch
with 100%.