Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Olmert / Joel Osteen for Pres.

PM Olmert said that Israelis should "internalize" the fact that the world expects Jerusalem to be divided.Indeed if we allowed the "internalization " of the world to count,we would be dealing with the disappearance of Israel.
Perhaps its time for Olmert to internalize that his days as PM are numbered.He stands with low poll numbers, besieged by the parents of those who fell in Lebanon, his coalition partners,who will not allow any division of Jerusalem, a Defense Minister who eagerly awaits his own turn to
give away the Har Habayit, as he tried when he was PM,and Bibi waiting in the wings.
Yes he will bask in the sun during the Bush trip, but nothing is forever!
Yesh Din Vyesh Dayan! There is morality and law, and there is a G-d who will judge and enforce his verdicts.


One of my favorite TV personalities ( especially with Jay Leno out ) is Joel Osteen.
If you never saw him and his wife speak to the multitudes, you are missing an inspiring event.
He speaks to the goodness inherent in each human,and as he slowly paces the stage, each member of the audience at home or in the "church' feels that he is speaking to them.
He talks about change, and rarely except perhaps at the end does he mention church doctrine.
I just watched Barak Obama speak to a huge throng.Yes he speaks of change -What change?
overpower the Dems and railroad a liberal agenda through Congress?
What are his new policies?
He is nothing more than a preacher-like Huckabee, whose gaffes on foreign policy these past 2 weeks have been amateurish.Only Huckabee wants Jesus to be in the Cabinet Room,and I believe in seperation of Church-State.
So if we really want a common sense preacher, who is interesting and non-threatening,Osteen is my man.