Monday, January 28, 2008

Obama Speaks Up

I was pleased to read the story in todays Haaretz.Com regarding Barak Obama's thoughts on Israel and the Middle East.
Part of the problem that Obama has had, is the underlying perception that his prime interest other than getting the troops out of Iraq,has been domestic policy.There are many if not most Senators who vote correctly on our issues, but really have no interest in the nuances of the Arab-Israeki conflict
In this interview , he is clear,that he believes in Israel as a Jewish State,and opposes the "Right of Return".He agrees that no state can tolerate rocket attacks on its civilian population.
Obama has to realize, that terrorism and national security play a big role in our thinking,and the tilt to the left of his party,gives us cause for concern.
This in no way means that I am prepared to run out and change my party affiliation.However, it has always been important that the Pro-Israel political community be bi-partisan, DEM. and REP., Liberal and Conservative.
This takes me back in time when we blasted Hillary for her ill fated meeting and kiss with Souha Arafat.The pressure on her and the political realities, brought about a great positive change in her. Her service in the Senate, has borne the fruits of these interactions between her and our community.
I hope that this unpleasant period in Obama's political campaign will strenthen his involvement and raise his voice on our issues.Whether he wins or loses now, he will be a political force in the US for a long period.