Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Political Correctness

On Dec.2, 2007, I raised objections to Mike Huckabee invoking his "Christian" theme in the campaiugn. I also raised the question as to whether Mitt Romney,enjoying a 4D deferment while I waa serving in Vietnam, used his missionary assignment to attempt to convert Jews?
No one called to complain.
Recently ,I raised the question of a " potential" for an individual born of a Muslim father,in a Muslim environment having a "spark" of Islam within his subconscious ,such that at some time it could influence his decisions.?I used the analogy of a "pintele Yid" who has within him a spark of Jewish feeling. that he never had publicly displayed.
Today , a reporter (not Jim Besser), called me in an angry tone,trying to trap me into making accusations against Obama,none of which I subscribe to.
I simply raised a theoretical question, because people are talking about the topic.The question I raised must be answered by each individual on their own, in a similar way that they accept or reject my statements on the other candidates.
This is a Presidential race.Political correctness has no place on the agenda.
A candidate can refute any charge ,by showing their record, their votes, and a list of their consultants.Again the public can accept or reject this information as adequate.
Romney and Guliani have clearly pointed out that Radical Islam seeks to destroy our country.The Arab world still seeks to destroy Israel
To me the US-Israel relationship, and the war on terrorism ,trump all economic concerns.I want to know the candidates record,including votes etc, as well as his/her PSYCHE as best as possible.